Walking in The Reign is committed to the development and empowerment of Balan, Haiti and its people.

{As of today Balan, Haiti has limited fresh water, no electricity,
no official leadership, very little commerce and very little food.}


Scott had heard about the concept of Adopt-a-Village where he could use his business skills to help a third world village and teach them what he knows about business to help them build commerce.  He connected with a man, Rick, who had experience doing this through his church to gain more insight and to learn from him.  Rick was heading to Haiti the week after they met and called Scott to tell him he found a village in Haiti that he thought would be perfect for Scott.  Two weeks later in December of 2009 Scott, his son Parker and his father-in-law Gary headed to Haiti to visit the village of Balan.  Scott came home so excited about what he had seen and experienced and his passion for Balan continued. He returned to Balan in July 2010 with Michelle. During that trip they made a commitment to be part of the solution for the hunger and lack of education for the children. They returned to Haiti a few weeks later to start a feeding program and to improve the possibility for children to receive an education. This is how Balan, Haiti became a ministry of Walking in The Reign.


Balan is known as one of the poorest and driest areas in all of Haiti (the poorest country in the western hemisphere).

Balan, Haiti is approximately 17.52 miles from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (but takes approximately 45 minutes by car).

Balan, Haiti is inland from Port-Au-Prince (to the West) and is very close the the Dominican Republic border.

Walking in The Reign owns 2.3 acres of land in Balan, Haiti.


  • Sponsored the Salvation Army School in Balan where the school grew from 104 children to over 300 children {2010-2013}
  • Developed a sponsorship program where donors can sponsor a child allowing children to attend school for free {Began in 2010}
  • Implemented a feeding program through the Salvation Army School where students received a meal 5 days a week {2010 through 2013}
  • Started the Homes for Haiti project where we have build 10 homes for families in Balan improving their living conditions {Build our first home in 2012}
  • Sponsored feeding distributions where rice and beans have been distributed to families in Balan {Began in 2012}
  • Purchased land and acquired an active church and pastor {Purchased in 2013}
  • Built a 10-room school that serves 432 students from preschool (Pre-A) through 13th grade {2013}
  • Built a cafeteria for students of the school to eat in and for special feeding programs {2013|
  • Built a kitchen to accommodate feeding large numbers of people {2013}
  • Built restrooms for sanitary conditions {2013}
  • Built a welcoming gazebo that offers shade and a place of community to families visiting our property {2016}


(Institution Mixte Chretienne de Balan) 
Our school opened January 2014.  Our 11 room school serves 375 children from Pre-K through 13th grade.  We offer a sponsorship program that allows sponsors to provide a quality education for the students at the school.  This sponsorship includes their education and TEXT BOOKS for students attending Walking in The Reign Christian School.

For $25 per month you can impact the life of a child by giving them a bright future.

A rice and beans meal is provided for every student at our school every school day.  For almost all the children this is the only meal they can count on.  You can support this feeding program with a one-time or monthly donation.  For a donation of $6.15 you can feed one child a meal 5-days a week for one month or for $2,000 y0u can feed over 325 children a meal 5-days a week for one month.

Thanks to a Grant we were able to install a water tower that holds filtered drinking water for our students and staff.  For a donation of $20 you can provide one child water for one year. With your donation a child will receive an aluminum water bottle.  You can support this water program with a one-time donation of $20 or a monthly donation of $1.85.


We are committed to the development and empowerment of Balan, Haiti and its people.
We believe that that there are amazing God-given resources in the people and land of Balan; when activated, the area will transform into a life-giving center with long-term sustainability that will become a model of what is possible when Kingdom principles are engaged in a people and a geographic area.

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