Many of you have recently asked about year-end giving and anything from “Homes for Haiti” to “How do I sponsor a child in Haiti for $15 bucks a month” to “do you need anything at Lady Bugg House”? Thank you for asking. The answer is YES!

Thank you all for the faithful support you have provided Michelle, myself and our team of volunteers in serving the Lord.

Here are your answers:

Giving to ANY (Haiti, Lady Bugg House) of the ministries can be done here (Easy Peasy):

Sponsor a child in Haiti ($15 per month) for school, uniform, meals, etc:

Build a Home in Haiti ($3500 US):

Feed almost an entire village (hundreds of people) for $1200:

Giving to Lady Bugg House (pay the electric bill, sponsor a girl, sponsor a meal, pay to have the yard mowed) – Any/All are huge blessings:

Lady Bugg House Website: – or Follow us on Facebook Here

Walking in the Reign Website: – or Follow us on Facebook Here

Balan, Haiti Website: – or Follow us on Facebook Here

And Finally,

See Michelle’s testimony/story/keynote speech from her woman’s conference (awesome):

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