One of the things I assist with at Lady Bugg House is to get the meal set up each week for Thursday night Bible study. One week as I was carrying food from my car, a mother from the neighborhood was swinging her children on our swing set. She yelled out to me to ask if it was alright for her to allow her children to play on our equipment. Before I could answer her, another neighborhood boy rode up on his bicycle and said, “Of course you can swing your children here, this is Lady Bugg House and Lady Bugg House loves children!” It warmed my heart to know that this boy feels loved and accepted by those of us who serve at LBH!

One of the primary ways we develop relationships with the neighborhood children is at “Kids Club,” which is on the first Thursday of each month. During Kids Club we serve a meal to the neighborhood children, play games, sing worship songs and have a Bible lesson time. I recognized the boy on the bike as one who has attended Kids Club and, apparently, has been positively affected by it! I love it when I’m pulling up to the Lady Bugg House and neighborhood kids come running up to ask about the next Kids Club. In February we had four precious children give their lives to Christ as their savior!

The moms who participate in the Lady Bugg House program help serve the meal and connect with the kids at Club as well. However, on the other three Thursdays of the month, they come together for a meal and Bible Study time. I help set up the meal every week, but on the third Thursday of the month, the women of my small group bring and serve the meal. We also stay and fellowship around the dinner table with the moms and their children. Even this short time of fellowship allows us to connect with the moms and moves us to pray for them on a regular basis. It is such a joy to be able to allow these precious young women to have a night off from cooking and enjoy fellowship with each other before Bible study time.

If you or your small group would ever like to provide food for a meal or help serve a meal, please contact me at, and I will coordinate a Thursday where you can “feed the hungry and offer a cup of cold water to the thirsty!”

by Pam Roberts