Sponsoring a child is a way to connect with a child, separated by miles but connected by love. Children love to ask us the name of their sponsor, they love to color pages for their sponsors and they feel 10 feet tall when they receive a letter or a package from their sponsor.  They receive HOPE knowing that someone miles away loves them and cares about them.  It’s a priceless gift to see a child’s face when they get a letter and picture from their sponsor or to witness the pride they feel when they meet their sponsor.

Walking in the Reign offers you this opportunity to invest in the life a child in a powerful way for $25 a month.

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In Haiti it is a privilege to go to school.  Most families can’t afford to send their child to school without being sponsored. To have a child plead with you to sponsor them so that they can go to school is a humbling thing.  Something that we may take for granted is a gift beyond measure to them.

January 2014 Walking in The Reign opened it’s own Christian School in Balan, WALKING IN THE REIGN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.  The school serves 433 students grades Pre-school through 13th grade.  This is an exciting opportunity for the ministry to impact children in Haiti with the gospel on a daily basis.  Our school provides a christian education, feeds children a meal 5 days a week, provides books for students to get a quality education, and it gives us an opportunity to impact the lives of the children in a more hands on way.

All the children in our sponsorship program are children that we have personally met.

The cost to sponsor a child for primary or secondary education is just $25/month.

Below is the answer to some questions as to what your sponsorship will provide your child and what you will receive.  If you have additional questions please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator, at walkinginthereign@gmail.com.

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Donations can be made payable to: Walking In The Reign, Inc. and mailed to 6505 E. Central #139, Wichita, KS 67206. Donations are tax-deductible through our non-profit 501(c)3 status effective 09/17/2010