Michelle and I met over 33 years ago and although we took separate paths for 10 years the Lord had a plan that brought us back together.  We have been married for 22 years and are the proud parents of Kelsey, Parker and Kayley. We got the added blessing of being PeePaw and MeeMaw to our precious grandchildren Henry and Sloane.  

Michelle and I founded Walking in The Reign, Inc. in 2010.  The past decade has been filled with impacting the lives of those around us through our ministry to young mothers and their children [YoungLives & Lady Bugg House], our ministry to children in the urban community [Wichita Project], our families in Balan, Haiti [Walking in The Reign] and through market place ministry [Subaru of Wichita].  Our heart with each life we touch, anywhere in the world, is to proclaim the transforming power of Jesus Christ and the authority we have as His followers. 

We declare wholeness, freedom, grace, salvation, identity, love, forgiveness, restoration, physical healing, inner healing and deliverance over people’s lives by the power and authority of Jesus Christ.  Our target is the devil (who came to steal, kill and destroy) but our focus is Jesus.  We live as sons and daughters of the King.  A King who came so that you could have life, abundant (John 10:10).

This passion comes from our personal testimonies; a long and winding road story that has brought us to a beautiful place where our journey continues.  What the enemy intended for harm (adoption, sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, generational sin, generational curses, fatherlessness, abortion, bitterness, fear, rejection, habits, legalism, victim mentality, poverty mindset, and more) Jesus purposed for good!

Our focus is Jesus and we desire to lay it all on the line for the sake of the Gospel. In 2015 the Lord had us transition our ministry to young mothers and their children to our local church and in 2016 He called me (Scott) to sell our businesses.

We are excited to follow God’s call “To the Nations” (anywhere we go) and we are honored that you have taken the time to visit Walking in the Reign. 

Men (Contact Scott) – scott@walkinginthereign.com
Women (Contact Michelle) – michelle@walkinginthereign.com