In our Resident Program we serve young mothers age 16-23 and their child.  Residents live on-site with their child in a monitored HOME environment while participating in a 5 phase program that is tailored to the individual’s needs and goals.

Our Non-Resident Program is designed to serve pregnant and parenting mothers age 13-27 and their child(ren) through participation in the same 5 phase program as our residents while they live independently.


Phase I

This phase is for young women / moms who are only interested in attending Wednesday night Bible Study.  This is for non-residents only.  There will be no services, program management, or other LBH classes offered.

Phase II – Observation Phase

  • Attend Monday evening classes
  • Attend Wednesday night Bible Study and Kids Club on the 4th Wednesday
  • Attend a Christian church on Sunday
  • Help deep clean the LBH one Saturday a month
  • Sign up for one Wednesday night a month to assist in meal prep and clean up
  • Committed to LBH Community Fellowship opportunities

All young women who want to enter into the program will start at this level no matter what age or situation.  The goal of this phase will be set up to complete in 4 – 6 weeks. However, moving through this phase will be an individual effort and time frame.  During this phase, it will determine commitment level and beginning of new life style habits.

Residents and non-residents will all have the opportunity to measure their success and movement forward by determining if they are following the structure of the LBH, as a resident or the structure in their living setting as a non-resident.

Phase III

  • Family Sponsor will be assigned.
  • Peer Mentor will be assigned.
  • Strategic monthly meetings with Program Coordinator to individualize short term and long term goals
  • Targeted spiritual goals
  • Offer other community services such as educational opportunities, job training, social service opportunities, and employment.

This phase will last until the young woman/ mom has stability, on the way to healing, and ready to enter a reintegration phase…time frame to be determined by assessment from Program Coordinator and Director.

Phase IV – Transition Phase

Preparation for reintegration – a plan will be put into place to prepare the young women/moms to live on their own successfully and to operate in this phase until they are successfully living on their ow

Phase V

Mentoring Phase – once a mom / girl has successfully completed the program she will have the opportunity to mentor new moms/ girls coming into the program….to offer encouragement, support, and share her success with Lady Bugg House.  She will also have the opportunity to share her story at outside speaking engagements.  Movement to this phase will be determined by the Program Coordinator and Director.