“Open up a home for my children where they can experience My Love.” These were the original words from the Lord in December 2008 that birthed what is known today as the Lady Bugg House.  

The Lady Bugg House ministry which was established in 2010 {501c3 June 14, 2010 & Purchased property August 18, 2010} was developed to fulfill this call of the Lord.  The ministry launched with the focus of serving young mothers and their children who are committed to change and spiritual growth.  

 In July 2014 The Lady Bugg House merged it’s 501c3 status with Walking in The Reign which was its sister ministry {serving youth and families in Wichita, KS through Wichita Project and in Haiti through Balan, Haiti}.  

When the Lord placed Lady Bugg House at 13th and Hillside in 2010 we also wanted to be a light of hope in that community.  This led us to establish Wichita Project to serve the neighborhood children.  We have been serving neighborhood children since we started through a monthly Kids Club and through building relationships with the children who daily come and hang out on our property.  

These ministries of Walking in The Reign: Lady Bugg House, Wichita Project and Balan Haiti, have been evolving and growing beyond what we could have ever imagined when we set out in obedience to the Lord.  The growth of these ministries have required us to evaluate our current structure.  

The purpose of this email is to let you know exciting news about the ministry.  Our team met for a 2-day retreat in January 2015 to evaluate the ministries and to seek the Lord for His direction.  Our team and board met together this month and a unanimous decision was made to implement the following to allow for the current and upcoming growth of Walking in The Reign:

  • To allow our team to fully focus on our mission of mentoring young mothers and their children who are committed to change and spiritual growth we will no longer offer a resident program for this portion of our ministry.  The heartbeat of our ministry to young mothers and their children has always been our non-resident program.  Our non-resident program has grown and we want to focus on serving these young mothers and their children well.  The primary fruit of our ministry comes from this portion of the ministry yet the resident program required the most attention.  Our mission in serving young mothers will continue to be the same.
  • Our ministry to neighborhood children that was operating under Wichita Project will no longer be a ministry of Walking in The Reign.  Although we have been so blessed by our time with neighborhood kids and will continue to informally pour into their lives this will not be a structured ministry of Walking in The Reign.  
  • Balan, Haiti will no longer be a ministry name for our work in Haiti.  It will be called Walking in The Reign Haiti.  We will be announcing exciting news about our growth there very soon!   

It is impossible to look at what God has established and not see His glory.  What He has birthed from that spoken word in 2008 causes me to bend my knee in awe before Him.  What keeps me in awe is knowing that there is more He is establishing.  

We are grateful to those who have and are walking this journey with us by using your time, talents and resources to further the Kingdom of God.  This ministry is proof that, 

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him– 

1 Corinthians 2:9

If you have any questions please feel welcome to email us at ladybugghouse@gmail.com or by phone at 316.440.2844.  


Scott and Michelle Pitman