As I read John 17 I am overcome by the overwhelming love of Jesus for believers.  This chapter radiates Jesus love for His people over and over again verse after verse.

His prayer of intercession before the Father on behalf of the disciples and all believers is a beautiful picture of His great love for us.

Jesus has made visible, and given us the revelation of, who the Father is during His time on earth.  We can plainly see the very character of the Father through the life of Jesus.  He glorified the Father on earth and was the visible manifestation of the Father so we could know the very character and love of the Father. Jesus is desiring for us to experience that same endless love that God has for Jesus and because of the finished work of Christ on the cross that love now lives in us!

Jesus desires for us to have the same Joy He has for the Father fulfilled in us.  In the Passion Translation Jesus speaks to the Father, “My joyous delight in You.”  The footnote for this verse states {v.13},

This delight is more than happiness.  It is the complete satisfaction that comes in knowing that our lives are pleasing to the Father and that we fulfill His desires on the earth.

In addition to the overwhelming passionate love Jesus has for us that is conveyed throughout this chapter is the call upon us as believers.  Just as Christ glorified the Father we are called to glorify Jesus and to influence the world. We are able to accomplish this through our surrendered lives {v.10}.  He is praying for His disciples because He knew they needed to come into the fullness of Christ and in the unity of the faith.  He is showing us that the key to reaching the world is the life, maturity, unity, and love of the disciples {footnote: The Passion Translation v. 9}.

He is calling us to the same unity that He and the Father enjoy {vs. 22}.  The key to unity among believers is experiencing the glory of God that Jesus has imparted to us {footnote: The Passion Translation v. 22}. When we experience perfect unity the world will know Jesus.

As believers we are called to be “in the world” to influence it.  Jesus interceded on our behalf in His prayer when He asked the Father to protect us from the evil one {v.15} and He continues to intercede on our behalf.

We have been raised up with Christ and right NOW we are seated with him in the heavenly realms at the right hand of God.  We are REIGNING at the right side of Christ and the Father.  We have been equipped to REIGN in LIFE through the power of Christ living within us.

THE heart of our ministry is to equip people to REIGN IN LIFE.