Reflections on our prayer time Sunday afternoon, May 24, 2015

A small, but Holy Spirit-filled, group met to pray and give God full-reign to develop what will become a cornerstone on earth, as it is in heaven, for City Fire and the Lady Bugg Preschool and Childcare.

A large plot of land, in fact almost an entire city block, formerly occupied by a car dealership; and abandoned approximately 12 years ago; was purchased by Walking in The Reign.

The facilities, as currently existing, are virtually unusable; but the vision for City Fire and Lady Bugg Preschool and Childcare, made the setting seem to come alive as a place where the Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable.  Prayers, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, were offered up for the planned facility.  The prayers included: 1) the cleansing of all demonic entities; and 2) inviting an Open Heaven for the purposes God has ordained for this setting.

It seemed that those present were being given new eyes to see what God is doing with the Walking in the Reign ministry locally.   As we walked through each area, our understanding became greater, the vision became clearer, and our prayers became bolder.

The plan for (up to 99) little ones is so exciting.  We began to realize that these little ones will receive Holy Spirit guidance from those who will care for them.  That realization means that one day soon these little ones will be praying for their school peers, teachers, and family members to be delivered, healed and saved.  They will, by virtue of their anointing by the Holy Spirit, use words and have actions well beyond others their age.  The expected result will be the spreading of the gospel message to all those around them.  They will have the sweet smelling (and irresistible) aroma of Jesus on them.

When we entered the area formerly used by technicians to repair vehicles; we learned that this space will be doubled in size, becoming a Worship and Prayer center where healing ministry will also take place, our prayers became bolder and bolder.  The vision became reality for those present.  The big open area behind this will be parking for those who attend activities in the Worship and Prayer center.

I can readily see that City Fire will invigorate existing faith in Jesus for those who participate in the activities that are planned.  However, and more importantly, City Fire will change this city.

I never want to forget what my spirit experienced this past Sunday afternoon.  That is the purpose of journaling these memories.  I count this experience as another way I have experienced the “joy of the Lord.”

Gary Bugg
Board Member