One night after arriving home from Lady Bugg House Bible study after a life changing encounter with God, the first thing my brother asked when I walked through the front door, “Did you find Jesus?” and I replied, “As a matter of fact I did!”

I have never been excited for the future until coming to the Lady Bugg House.  I was struggling with purpose in my life, and I often felt lonely, stuck, and held captive by many different addictions.  I lost my mom when I was 17 when she chose to take her life and attempted to take the lives of my two brothers.  This has been a real hardship in my life and I have not known how to handle the pain or loss of my mom.   I was missing a mom influence and did not have anyone to show me how to be a good mom to my son, Houston.  Since coming to the Lady Bugg House I have found hope through Jesus and have become a child of God!  I have gained many moms who love, support, and encourage me in my motherhood!

This is the first time in my life that I have been growing from the inside out.  My relationship with God has become my new focus and this affects all of my choices now.  I appreciate how the Lady Bugg House is helping me reach my goals and dreams and they truly care about me as a whole person.  I am finishing my GED, actively searching for employment, learning how to budget my money, and the ministry is guiding me in the raising of my son.   I desire to break the negative cycles in my family and establish a new healthy lifestyle for Houston and I.  Since moving into the house I have seen changes in my dad and brothers I never expected, for example they are choosing sobriety, doing family counseling together, going to church, and my dad really has taken interest in how I am doing and my successes!

From the first day I walked into the Lady Bugg House I felt the presence of God and instantly felt a peace and calm rush over me.  I knew I found a home here!  The Lady Bugg House is more than just a program with rules it is my family!  One example of this is how they have lovingly walked alongside me in my relationship with my boyfriend and are teaching me how to have a pure, healthy, and mature dating life.  They have accepted him as part of the family and for the first time I feel I am dating in the right way and learning what true love looks like and how it should feel.

I cannot wait to see where God takes me here!  For the first time in my life I know my future is bright and that God has wonderful plans for my life!