We purchased the web domain walkinginthereign.com in December of 2007 with the vision that someday we would have a ministry.  At the time we purchased it we had no idea what that ministry would be.

The Lord had put a burning love in our hearts for those less fortunate that began in 2004.

Through many events this love for the hurting and needy grew deeper.  We had the blessing of investing in the lives of a few families in our community on a small level but as we saw a growing need in Wichita and began the work in Balan, Haiti {November 2009} we knew we couldn’t accomplish what needed to be done without the help of others. It was through seeing those needs that Walking in The Reign became more than a web domain and the ministries and causes of Walking in The Reign were birthed to accomplish so much more than we could have ever imaged.

Scott has spent his entire career working in sales beginning in the shoe business.  He started working in the automobile business in 1988 and had the dream of owning his own dealership by the time he was 40.  That dream came true and Scott is currently the President and Operating Partner of Subaru of Wichita.  He views his business as an extension of ministry and operates his dealership with godly principles.

Scott and Michelle have three children.  Kelsey, Parker and Kayley who are all involved in the ministry.  They welcomed their first grandson, Henry in August 2013.  Their family travels to Haiti with them frequently to oversee the work being done there and is involved in their work in Wichita, Kansas.