A workaholic lives in fear. It’s fear that drives them. Fear of the boss and fear of loss. They find security in hours and effort to earn praise and recognition.

Hobbyholics are carving a new path however. These Hobbyholics work out of passion and curiosity, not fear.

The hobbyholic doesn’t show up because s/he’s afraid of getting in trouble, s/he shows up because it’s a hobby that pays (They get to come to work, they don’t have to come to work).

The hobbyholic worker is busy blogging or social networking after work because posting that thought while it is fresh in their mind and then seeing the feedback it generates is actually more fun than watching TV.

Try to earn a living doing what you love most; your hobby.

The new face of the workplace, at least for some of us, opens up the possibility that work is the thing that we most like to do.

Finding an opportunity like this.  Be a Hobbyholic!

If you’re stuck, start by funding your passions and your hobby with your work. Start there.

My Passion Timeline:
[1st] My work was the car business; my passion was making money.
[Then] My work was the car business; my passion was changing the car business.
[Now] My passion is changing the car business; my passion gives me a platform to do my other passion; Kingdom Work.

Thanks to Seth Godin for my ideas on Hobbyholics

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