My “go to” shirt is a Lacoste (Alligator) V-neck T-shirt.  We joke that it is easy to pick out what I am going to wear (black, grey or white).   I like them because of their quality.  But, wearing a Lacoste t-shirt doesn’t make me an alligator.

By the same token, just because the enemy (the devil is a liar) said something about you (either directly or via a curse spoken by someone else), it doesn’t make it so and it doesn’t make it true.

It certainly should not become part of your identity.  Don’t let the devil label you!

In my personal experiences, I have often found that the enemy seeks to attack us in the place of our calling or destiny.  So, when the enemy attacks you with doubts and insecurities, oftentimes the complete opposite is true.  Again, the enemy will often speak to us the exact opposite of what Father God actually has planned for your destiny (and blessing).

You must be careful what voice you are listening to!  Stop listening to lies.


Focus on the truth of how God views you.  You were made is the very image of God.  Jesus calls us (the body of Christ, the church) his bride.  He is returning for his bride.  This is how he sees us.  This is a hard concept for many to grasp.  He loves you like a bridegroom loves his bride.  You are worthy.  You are loved.  He thinks very highly of you!

When you are trying to discern between the voice of the enemy and the voice of the Holy Spirit, you can ask yourself, “Is this the way Father God would speak to me?”  Better yet, ask God directly how he feels about you.  If it is encouraging, it is from Him.  If it is demeaning (a lie), then this is from the enemy.

Encouragement (relief for me to learn that the problem wasn’t me, but the attack and lies of the enemy in my life):

Nobody loves like Jesus.  We will never fully understand his love for us until we meet him face to face (and it will be overwhelming).

When you hang out with Jesus your identity changes.


[Common labels]:  Alcoholic, thief, porn addict, liar, rich young ruler (prideful), gossiper, drug user, player, abuser, lover of money, etc.

Your identity changes!

Our sin nor our circumstances are our identity.  Jesus is.

Don’t Love and defend your old identity.   Love your new one.

Jesus is in the restoration business.  We repent, He relents.  He repairs, restores, revives, relieves, revitalizes, redeems, rewinds, and restores!

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