My first encounter with deliverance happened probably in late 2013 to early 2014.  I witnessed a woman I served in ministry with get delivered and I said if she needed deliverance than so do I.

I cannot remember the details of my personal deliverance and exactly how many demons I have had to release but I do know it took several times of meeting.  The root of mine was a spirit of rejection that had come on me in my biological mothers womb.  Since those first few weeks of walking through serval personal deliverances I have had several more things that the Lord has revealed to me over the past year.  Now I can identify them with the Holy Spirit and take care of them myself.  I know there are a few more and that I am not done.  I can remember facing a situation after my deliverance where I would have normally reacted out of that rejection and I thought wow how do I handle this now without that wall of defenses coming up.  It was a powerful moment for me.  I ask the Lord often to search me and to know my heart and to let me know if there is anything affecting me.

We are actually implementing within our ministry that every team member go through deliverance.  If we are helping others become the victorious bride than we must be walking in that same victory.

I am not ashamed at all of my personal story and the fact that I had to be delivered from demons.  I love to share it with everyone who will listen.  I am so not the same person I was.  My life has dramatically changed.  How I handle situations, how I see things, how I respond to attacks of the enemy, how I respond to opposition from others has all changed.  I am a new creation in Christ being made into His likeness.  Deliverance was and is essential to who I am and who I am becoming.