Can a Christian have a demon? My answer is YES, a Christian can have a demon, because this was true for me personally.  And to add to that not just one but several and counting!

The answer to this question being YES brings so much freedom and hope to us as believers to be able to understand why things in our lives have been the way they are.  After identifying a demon in a women I was ministering to, and before we even got rid of it, she felt so much HOPE because now she understood why she had acted the way she did.

Derek Prince did a wonderful job in his book, They Shall Expel Demons, of giving us the biblical basis for being able to teach this topic from a biblical perspective.  He starts chapter 16 making this point with this statement, “I have never heard or read a reasoned, scriptural presentation of the doctrinal position that Christians can never need deliverance from demons.” (page 142)

Derek Prince goes on to make the point that the authority we have been given is only effective in the proportion that it is used.  I love how he explains our potential with our new birth in Christ.  We can chose the minimum or reach the maximum potential.  It is up to us.  (page 145)

I have been blessed to be a part of a new birth where the young man felt the evil spirits leave his body at the time of conversion.  I have not verified that every evil spirit left but it was still a powerful display of the work of God.  It was a young man in Haiti and maybe the Lord knew I was leaving so He blessed us both with a two for one!  However, this is not true for everyone at the time of conversion.  My personal story is that I gave my life to Christ at the age of 13 and it was not until I was 44 that I was set free of demons that have afflicted my life.

Demons hold Christians back from all that the Lord has for us.  They are stifling the potential of the Church and our impact on the world around us.  Our churches are full of Christians who have settled for the minimum and because of that the world is gaining more power.  I was observing some junior high students walking home today after school and I could see the hand of the enemy and his tactics working to steal these children from their Father.

I am passionate about deliverance and educating the world on this topic so that believers understand the full power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christ is returning for a victorious bride and the enemy uses deception to hold Christians back from the freedom that is theirs in Christ.  He has made us believe that Christians cannot be demonized.  Stop being his victim and live the victorious life the Lord has planned for you.