It is essential for us to accept God for who He really is and to accept ourselves as we really are because when we don’t we allow the enemy access and give him authority in our lives.

God’s nature cannot change.  He cannot do anything counter to His nature.  I spent my christian life misunderstanding the character of God and having a wrong theology of who He is.  I viewed God as being in control of everything (which He is but He has given us our own will) and even the author of bad things.  My theology was that bad things happened because God needed to do something in that persons life or someones around them.  I viewed things as part of His Sovereign Will.  I have to say that my perspective of God has completely changed.  In a summary statement “if it is good, it is God.  If it is bad, it is our sin nature or the enemy”.  God is NOT the author of evil.

I believe that sickness can only come from our sin nature and from the enemy.  I do believe that God uses everything in our life for good because He loves us so much.  Whatever the enemy (the author of evil) meant for harm, God gives us something even better.  Isaiah 61:3 “HE WILL GIVE A CROWN OF BEAUTY FOR ASHES.”

When people try to create their own view of God or are taught the wrong view of God that is a form of idolatry and a demon then takes up residence over the idol.  It is an entry point for the demonic.

We must understand the power of the cross and what that did for us so that we do not continue to ask God to do things that he has already done.

In order to accept God for who He really is requires us to know Him for who He really is.  We must seek Him.  Our relationship with Him is not a decision, it is a commitment.

Just like not accepting God for who He really is a sin, so is not accepting ourselves for who we really are.  Self-rejection becomes a curse that opens the door to the demonic.

I really believe that if we were taught these things from a young age it would dramatically change the effects of the enemy on people.  If we realized that a negative thought about ourselves opens the door to the demonic it would help us to stop thinking that way and to take seriously when God said to take every thought captive.  If we truly understood who we are in Christ and applied Philippians 4:8 to every thought we would keep the enemy from finding ground and authority in our lives.

We are called to proclaim the gospel and that includes giving people an accurate description of who God is and who we are in Him.  This is something I am passionate about.  We must know our identity to fully live out the call on our lives as dearly loved children.  Ephesians 5:1 says, Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.  We can only imitate what we see and hear!