Christ is returning for His VICTORIOUS BRIDE!.  Deliverance ministry must never be separated from the ministry of the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We do not have to wait until Christ return to be made whole.  We need to access what we have full authority of.  We must fulfill the FULL work of Jesus on the cross.

In Matthew 4  Jesus’ first healing miracle recorded was deliverance of a demon possessed man.  As we look throughout the bible we cannot overlook and deny the need for deliverance ministry and teaching Jesus has given to us on this topic.  However, I cannot remember a sermon ever taught to me in the church on this topic.

In Healing through Deliverance, by Horrobin he states that he believes that unless deliverance is accepted as a key part of the armory that is available to, and used by, God’s people, the Church will continue to be severely limited in its effectiveness.

I agree with him.  The message that we do not need to wait for death before we can enjoy the benefits of the cross that Horrobin [page 45] speaks of needs to be offered to the church today.