Serving in ministry to the broken (which we all are in some way) I realized the need for something more than what I had been taught in church.  My deliverance journey actually began when I witnessed a woman I serve alongside with in ministry get delivered.  I have so much respect for this amazing woman of God but there was a spirit affecting her.  I watched her be set free and I said, “If she needed deliverance than so do I.”  The Lord had brought a woman to our ministry who had a background in deliverance.  Over a several week period she walked me personally through deliverance and now we serve together in helping others.

My testimony, and the testimony of others we walked through deliverance, brought others who wanted the same thing.  It really was like the cry of David in Psalm 139, “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!” We came before the Lord as people who wanted complete freedom in Christ.  I had discovered a tool from the Lord that had been hidden from me from lack of knowledge.

After my deliverance something awakened in me and I had a clarity to now see in the spiritual realm to see spiritual bondage on others.

Open doors to help others have continued since my deliverance and my passion for this ministry has grown.  Deliverance and healing ministry have transformed our ministries and those we serve.  We have seen the Lord do powerful things this past year that have evoked a fire in me to know all I can about deliverance and healing.

I will share this example with you of what God has done in my life as I have embraced this call of Jesus to proclaim liberty to the captives.  We have served in a village in Haiti since 2010 and have done wonderful work there.  However, we have not really seen Kingdom impact there.  In February of 2014 I went to Haiti for my normal 2 month visit and decided to hold a prayer and worship night operating in the gifts of The Spirit that had been awakened in me.  That night the Holy Sprit came in a powerful way.  One after another people came forward for me to pray over them.  9 young men received Christ and others were touched by The Spirit of God.  I want to highlight one young man who gave his life to Christ that evening.  His name is Winzor.  Winzor is the son of the man who brought voodoo to the village of Balan and is still operating as a voodoo priest.  I later learned from Winzor that the evening he gave his life to Christ he felt the evil spirits leave his body.  Before he gave his life to Christ he was unable to go to church because he felt the evil spirits physically holding him back.  In his own words he says he “was on the path of satan”.  He is now actively living his life for Christ and was baptized in October of this year WITH the permission of his voodoo priest father.  God delivered him from evil spirits the moment he gave his life to Christ. Since that night almost 30 more children in our school have given their lives to Christ.

I am in awe of God as I am discovering how much greater HE is than the religious teaching I have received about Him.  I am discovering Him for myself as I release the spirit of religion and begin MY DISCOVERY OF HIM.

Proverbs 25:2 has been a life changing verse for me. “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.”  As I live as royalty in pursuit of revelation, knowledge and wisdom from God He is transforming me into His image.  The veil has been removed and I now see and reflect the glory of the Lord and am being transformed into His glorious image.  We are going from glory to glory!


“God conceals the revelation of his Word in the hiding place of his glory.  But the honor of kings is revealed to all by how they thoroughly mine out the deeper meaning of all that God says.  The heart of a king is full understanding, like the heavens are high and the ocean is deep.”  Proverbs 25:2 Passion Translation