I must share this story with you about something that happened to me this past week.

The week of January 19th my husband and I heard an owl out side our house.  It was frustrating and annoying.  I had a feeling in my spirit that there was significance to this.

We left the middle of that week and went to Randy Clark’s Healing and Impartation conference at Bethel.  While we were gone the Director of our ministry said she found a dead owl on our ministry property.  I naturally thought that was so strange since I had not thought about owls and now these two incidents happened within the same week.

When I got home from Bethel we had our staff overnight retreat.  That night I was praying for our ministry and immediately had a vision of our ministry property and right out side what we call The Well there was a thick demonic cloud hovering over our property.  It was the most demonic thing I have ever seen (and I have seen demonic).  I took authority against it and it left.  I felt the Lord was showing me that it was a demonic attack against our pursuit of the Holy Spirit and our unwavering stand for truth against the “religious spirit”.

When I described this to our team our Director said that where I saw the demonic cloud is where she found the dead owl. One of our other ministry leaders said she has had an owl at her house for the past week.

In connection we started January 14, 2015, a week before all of this, a series at The Well called Passion and Fire with Brian Simmons.  Brian Simmons is translating the bible into The Passion Translation.  He is walking us through Song of Songs but it is definitely teaching that requires us to lay down our “know it all spirit” and definitely requires us to be free from a spirit of doubt and closed-mindedness.  As I sought council on this story a friend stated that “the owls do represent curses in the form of an intellectual know it all spirit that’s been trying to hold back spiritual revelation and encounter.” 

I hope you have read part one to this post and that it causes you to ask the Lord if there is anything holding you back from fully seeing and hearing.  Get rid of the “Wise Old Owl”.  It is time for you to encounter all that the Lord has for you.  Now is the time to walk outside the prison walls to the beautiful world and the more of God.