Last night we filled The Well with children from the neighborhood for an incredible night of fun and learning about “God’s Love”.  It was precious to watch these young people embrace this message.  The pastor told the children to stretch out their arms as he talked about how much God loved them.  The he told them to wrap their arms around themselves and receive a hug from God.  I gazed upon the face of one of the young boys and as he was hugging himself the sweet look on his face painted a picture that he truly believed that he was getting a hug from Jesus.  Priceless moment! I sat at a table with young boys and there was a list of icebreaker questions on the table.  I have to share a few highlights from the answers to a few of these questions that helps paint a picture into the lives of these young boys. The first question was How do you know Jesus loves you?  The answers were, “He blesses you” and “He gives you faith” but the one that stuck out for me was “I wake up everyday”.  The second question I want to highlight was How has Jesus shown His love for you?  The answers were, “By giving us faith”, “By giving us parents” but again the answer that stood out for me was “By letting us see another day”. The reality of their world struck me through these answers.  They see death and lives cut short.  The young boy of a family I have been involved with was in the home when his grandmothers boyfriend shot and killed his father.  The night of kids club we went to pick up some of the children who usually come and they could not make it because their grandmother’s daughter had just died. This impacted me because young boys and girls growing up in that community see death often.  So in the name of Jesus we declare life over these young boys and girls and their families.  I would ask that we all pause throughout our weeks to pray for this community and these young people that their “normal” can be transformed into God’s normal.  That His will will be done on earth in that community as it is in Heaven.  We declare this!