Entry:  December 19, 2008

Lord, I want to build a home for your children where they can experience your love.  Give me a vision of what that is to be.

Entry:  December 27, 2008

Lord, I will build your house.

These are the journal entries in my Bible in the book of Haggai.  As I opened God’s word this is what He put on my heart.

A house?  For who?  For what?  What kind of house?

The answer to those questions had not been revealed when the Lord first put this on my heart but what has transpired since this has been an amazing journey of seeing God at work.

In January of 2009 while attending a YoungLives National Training the Lord made it clear to me that the house would serve pregnant and parenting young mothers. I finally knew FOR WHO.

Entry:  October 4, 2009

Lord, I am so humbled that you have called me to this ministry and to build your house but I am going in faith to do your will.  Help me.

Entry:  October 4, 2009

Lord, I will build your home where you will take pleasure and be honored.

Now we had the FOR WHAT…a home where the Lord will take pleasure and be honored.

by Michelle Pitman

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