God has set Scott and I on a journey that we could not have even imagined for ourselves.  On our way home from Haiti in July I looked over at Scott and said can you believe we just started a school in Haiti?  We laughed so hard.  Not only did we start A school, but an elementary school, junior high school and a high school.  When I think about it I am not sure if I should laugh or cry because both emotions overwhelm me.  I am in awe at God’s goodness to us and for how He calls us to live so far beyond ourselves.  There is no way we have the capacity to fulfill the Lord’s calling in our own strength, our own talents, or our own ability.  God’s goodness to us isn’t in the material wealth we have but in the fact that He strips us so completely of our selves and allows us to live at a capacity that can only be achieved through Him.  That He has called us to things so far beyond our imagination and gives us signs and wonders of His presence, His faithfulness, and His grace.

This school is a huge on taking.  Not only financially but also in what is required to make it happen.  This morning we received the news that we needed to raise $15,130 to purchase text books by September 2, 2013.  We already are underfunded for the staff and the buildings and now we needed an additional $15,130.  I felt a heavy weight as I pondered this in the flesh and then as I was working on some marketing ideas to get the news out about our need I looked out the window and there was a RAINBOW.  The peace of Christ overwhelmed me and reminded me that I only need to walk in obedience to the One who has called me and He will do the rest.