Natahca Gaston gew up as an orphan in Haiti.  Michelle met Natacha on her way home from her 2nd trip to Haiti in September 2010.  They began talking in line as they boarded the plane for the US.  Michelle’s seat happened to be right next to Natacha on the plane where they continued to get to know one another.  That was the start of a beautiful relationship and an amazing story of the divine appointment of God.

Natacha is a bright and beautiful young woman who radiates the love of Christ to all she meets.  It is obvious to see that God has a special plan for Natacha as He continues to shower His blessings over her life.  She has an amazing story and has experienced  the LOVE God has for her  in so many ways.  Natacha is using her life story to impact the lives of those she serves through Walking in The Reign in Balan, Haiti.

You will be inspired by her story.  Join us Sunday, January 6th 6:30-8:00 pm at The Well at Lady Bugg House for a dessert and coffee event and hear the rest of the story as Natacha shares her life story and shares her perspective about the work being done in Balan through Walking in The Reign.

Scott and Michelle will share a brief ministry update and we will announce details about our upcoming fundraiser event for Walking in The Reign April 14th.

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