Two of our contacts in Haiti have spoken to people in the village.

Jean Claubert lives outside of Balan and runs an orphanage.  They have not had any damage to their orphanage but are receiving continued rain where he is located (closer to Port Au Prince). He spoke to our friend Lonick in Balan and he along with about 10 other families have lost their homes.  We are working to figure out a temporary situation for them.

Natachsa who lives in Balan at the University also talked to Lonick and verified the same story.  She has walked into the village this morning and seen the damage for herself.  People are scared and uncertain of what to do.  They are concerned about their belongings as the rain continues to fall.

I try to imagine myself if my home was destroyed by a storm, I had no money and no place to go and the rain continued to fall.

There are limited flights to Haiti due to delays that have already taken place.  The storm is scheduled to hit Florida tomorrow so we decided it would not make sense for us to fly in to Haiti until that passes.  There are limited flights for the whole week but we are leaving Tuesday evening which will get us in to Haiti on Wednesday morning.

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We know that we will need to build more homes for families affected by this storm. 

If you have questions please let us know.

Please be praying.  Pray for peace for the people.  Pray for the rain to stop in Balan so no further flooding and damage occurs.  Pray for financial resources for us to be able to help the people as needed to get back in proper housing.  Pray that the people will see God in a positive way as He protects and provides.


Scott and Michelle