As I returned home from Haiti and had time to process my thoughts and feelings about what I encountered the one question that keeps impacting me is, “Why is there no water or food in this village?”.  I asked the people in the village how often they had people come visit and they said often (the definition of often is unknown) yet they are still without food or water.  Please do not get me wrong, I know that there have been many people and organizations who have done wonderful things but the fact remains the people of Balan have no consistent source of food and water.

When we did the math and discovered that for only $10 a month we can provide an education and food for a child 5 days a week, for only $40 we can purchase a bag of beans or rice, for $6,000 we can drill a well I became even more frustrated with my question of, “Why is there no food or water in this village?”

It was very difficult for me to leave Haiti knowing that I was leaving the people of Balan in the same condition as when we came.

“Compassion is only compassion when you cross the street and go to someone.  Too often, we confuse emotion with compassion.” Christine Caine

Will you cross the street with me?  Will you partner with us to bring food and water to the people of Balan?  Help us not to be  just another group who visits this village and provides temporary relief for these people.  Cross the street with us and help us bring lasting change to this village…eternal change that starts with food and water and ends with eternal salvation.

We do not have our 501c3 set up yet but please don’t let that stop you from making a donation today.  You can sponsor a child for $10 a month, you can give $40 to buy a bag of rice or beans or you can make a general donation.  Checks can be made payable to Walking In The Reign and mailed to 6505 E. Central, #139 Wichita, KS 67206.  You can follow our progress on this website to see the change you are making in partnering with us.  Email us at with questions.

by Michelle Pitman

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