Lend a Hand  by Donating a Shoe (or two)

Children in Haiti are required to wear either dress shoes (black) or tennis shoes with their government required uniform to attend school in Haiti.  Many children are turned away from school on a daily basis based on this “dress code.”  As silly as that might sound to you, a pair of shoes and uniform separate some children from a good education.

SHOES FOR BALAN, HAITI is a new fundraising project of the Walking in The Reign ministry. This project provides new or like new shoes for the people of Balan, Haiti.

While the people of Haiti have very little in the way of material items, they do take a lot of pride in their appearance.  Oftentimes, when we show our friends photos of the school children we get comments like “they don’t look poor” or “they don’t look bad.”  This is one of “the great mysteries of Haiti.”  They are people in great need and we can help in very tangible ways (food, water, shelter, clothing, etc.)

Inevitably, during every trip to Haiti, sometime during our time there we will ask a question like “Where are you getting your food from?” to which, they will answer “God provides.”  What I have come to realize it that God DOES provide (in so many more ways than this post covers).  How does God provide?  God primarily provides to people in need THROUGH the Body of Believers (His Church)!

There are several ways to give and support this project…

1. Drop off your NEW or LIKE NEW black dress shoes or tennis shoes (any/all/lots of sizes are welcome) to one of our two drop off locations:

  • City Life Church on Sunday mornings (meeting at Abode Venue at 10:30am) or
  • Suzuki of Wichita, 11610 E. Kellogg (Kellogg just East of Greenwich on the North side of Kellogg).

2. Or you can simply make a donation (we recommend $20 minimum) toward this project.



All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of all money raised goes toward buying shoes.

Please help us promote this project by sharing this with your friends and family.

From our family to yours!

Scott, Michelle, Kelsey, Parker and Kayley

CHOOSE “DONATE” from the Top Right of this page to get started >>> [secure through PayPay – Check or Credit Cards] – Every Dollar goes directly to the purchase of new shoes!