Reposted from to after a 2nd Trip to Balan, Haiti by popular request:

Original Post Date:  December 2009

BACKGROUND: Recently my Father-in-Law, my Son and I traveled to Haiti with Numana and the Salvation Army.  The trip was incredible;  and has been a topic of much conversation, training and stories from me as I have shared them with my Suzuki of Wichita family.


THE VERBAL TYPO: I found out today that one of my salespeople (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been telling people that:

“Yeah, Scott recently went to Hades.”

THE CHALLENGE: In Christian theology, the term hades refers to the abode of the dead. This is parallel to the Hebrew Sheol (grave or dirt-pit) and the English Hell (Old English, hel), which was derived from Norse mythology for the land of the dead (see Hades in Christianity).

TRANSLATED: My salesperson has been telling people (with a smile on his face and expectant enthusiasm from his customer) that “Yeah, Scott recently went to Hell.”

SOLUTION: By the grace of God, I am saved by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I won’t be traveling to Hades.  I pray that each of you gets a chance to visit Haiti and make a difference among the starving of the world.  I pray that each of you has a personal relationship with Christ so that you don’t every visit Hades!

Map of Haiti

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