We are able to see God at work everyday in powerful ways but most of the time we miss it.  Being involved with the Lady Bugg House I have seen God work and provide in powerful ways.

It amazes me how He provides without even having to ask.  I call these blessings “Kisses from heaven”.  God’s precious reminder to us that He is there, He is in control, He does not need us but He loves us enough to take time to allow us these blessings.

On Tuesday evening we had our “Chalk Party Fundraiser”.  We had an incredible night and filled the walls with scriptures and messages.

Today was our Love Wichita Work day through Eastminister Church.  A crew of about 30 people showed up to serve at the Lady Bugg House.  They worked tirelessly and joyfully.  It was a beautiful expression of the body of Christ fulfilling our call.

Thank you to every single volunteer who has served at the Lady Bugg House, Inc.  You are a part of the work God is doing and I am blessed by you.


Michelle Pitman

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