It truly seems that there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t get a call or hear about someone in our city in need or who is hurting.

A young man who is very dear to us has bounced around for most of his life because his father is in and out of prison, his mother is recovering from a drug addiction and has little means to provide.  They recently found themselves in a homeless shelter but the mother failed to show up one evening so they were not allowed to come back and couldn’t get their belongings until after the weekend.  What must this young man be thinking?  Does he think this is how life is supposed to be?

I was taking groceries to a single mother with six children and the kids were all fighting over who was going to get the biggest candy.  The oldest boy said, “I wish I was white”.  I asked him what he thought that would do for him and he said, “I wouldn’t have to listen to all this, blah blah I hate you.”  I quickly informed him that the color of his skin had nothing to do with making his environment different.

A young mother called me because her mother had asked her and her two children to move out of her house but they had no where to go.  She didn’t want to impose on her grandfather because he was just recently diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo.

Another family called us last Sunday because they didn’t have any groceries.

The needs around us, in our own city are great.