Meet Richardson.  Richardson lives in the village of Balan where there is not a good source of running water and food.  Because of the work of this project Richardson is getting a scholarship to attend the Salvation Army School where he will get an education that includes bible and he will receive a meal 5 days a week.  Richardson is one of many children in the village of Balan who need our help.

$10 a month provides an education and food but our presence in this village provides hope to the people there.

As I made my second trip to Balan and arrived in the village I heard voices from all around calling, “Michelle”.  They remembered my name.  I came to visit them in July and left with the promise that I would return and the promise that I would go back to the United States (Utazini) and ask my friends to help me make a difference to bring food and water to this village.

We have just launched our sponsorship program and we are looking for sponsors for 235 children for just $10 a month.  Would you consider sponsoring a child and helping us bring the hope of Jesus to these precious people.

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