How did we end up at 1501 N. Fairmount?  Melissa Grier called me in the fall of 2009 because the Lord put on her heart to call me about a house that recently went on the market across the street from her.  (At this point she didn’t even know we were searching for a property for Lady Bugg House).

Scott and I drove by the house and within 2 seconds decided that this wasn’t the house “WE” were looking for.  First of all it was huge and secondly it was in need of lots of work.

After months of searching for a house this particular house kept presenting itself so I called our realtor and asked for a showing with the attitude that, this isn’t the house “WE” are looking for…but as you can guess this was the house “GOD” had planned for us.  We walked in the door on May 27, 2010 and knew at that moment before we even walked through the entire house that this was the house.

We had been dreaming about everything we wanted this ministry to accomplish but made the decision that we would start with a house and grow the ministry but our amazing God gave us everything we dreamed of and more in this house.  We finally got the answer to WHAT KIND OF HOUSE.

by Michelle Pitman

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