Thank you to everyone who joined us for our kick-off renovation projects.  We are so blessed by everyone who participated and were able to accomplish more than we expected.  It was truly a blessing watching the body of Christ work together for the glory of God.

There is more to do…we have some small projects that need to be completed this week.  The house is open for workers from 12:30-2:30 Monday-Thursday of this week.  If you have questions about working on a project contact Lori Hartline at 316-258-1209.

We need people with the following skills who would be willing to volunteer and donate some time to this project:

  1. Concrete Removal and a way to haul off the concrete.
  2. Carpet Installation.
  3. Electrical work.
  4. Plumbing work.
  5. Sheetrock finishing work.
  6. In-ground water main leak that needs to be trenched and fixed.

Email us at  See our Volunteer/Needs Page for information on specific needs for renovations.

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