O Lord, set the captives free!  Please open the eyes of the blind, and lift the burdens of those bent beneath their loads.” Psalm 146:7-8

 This verse was the prayer of my heart for our Lady Bugg Bible study on June 19, 2013!  We had just completed a two week study on Holiness in I Peter 1:13-16, and our time in the Word was so rich, and the discussion so penetrating that Jennie and I felt prompted by the Lord to dedicate our third week to allow the Word to transform hearts.  We desired that the girls have an opportunity to respond to the Lord’s work in their lives through worship and personal prayer for the purpose of God’s healing touch in their lives in the areas of addictions, sin and past wounds.

Jennie and I desired to enlist some help for our evening so I called my friend Laura to see if she might consider coming, and to my delight not only was she able to come but she would be bringing her ministry and worship partner along with her!  Debbie, unfamiliar with our ministry had shared with Laura two days before my phone call that she had actually had a dream that they were invited to the Lady Bugg House to lead in worship and lay hands on the girls in prayer!  We were so excited and expectant that the Lord had a divine assignment for our evening and that He had already gone before us!

The girls that come to the Lady Bugg House, like all of us, come thirsty.  Jesus identified Himself as The Living Water to the woman at The Well in John 4, and He offered her water that would quench her spiritual thirst forever!  We had been talking the previous week about how Jesus is the only One Who satisfies the cravings and longings of our hearts.  We looked at Jeremiah 2:13 that exposes our human tendencies to “forsake the Lord, the Fountain of Living Waters, to dig for ourselves wells, broken wells that can hold no water.” Nothing can truly quench the thirsting of our soul like Jesus Himself!

The only way I can describe this very special night is that the River of Life flowed through our midst in THE WELL, (the room we meet in for Bible study) touching all of us with joy, peace, healing, love, repentance, and life! 

I was reminded of Isaiah 35 and the Highway of Holiness—“where the eyes of the blind are opened, the ears of the deaf unstopped, the lame—leap, and the tongue of the mute shout for joy!  Waters burst forth in the wilderness, streams in the desert, the scorched land, pools of water, and the thirsty ground springs of water!” 

As worship filled the room and girls began to be prayed for, the presence of God fell over all of us!  Girls were ministered to so specifically, and were encountering the Lord through the lifting of burdens!  He was blessing them with His sweetness.  One girl shared after being prayed for that half her wall came down that was blocking her from God, another shared how while she was being prayed for, she saw Jesus pull up a chair beside her and begin speaking to her… she said, “Jesus lifted the anger from my heart”.  One gal while being prayed for felt her baby leap inside of her for the first time, one broke free from a secret that held her captive that might have resulted in the death of another, and one gal felt the call of God on her life to preach the Gospel to the nations!  Decisions were made to not get drunk anymore, to remain pure, to press in wth Lord, and to forgive an abuser.  All of this was stirred by the Holy Spirit’s internal and external presence that filled the room.

I am reminded of childhood song:

I’ve got a River of Life flowing out of me, it makes the lame to walk and the blind to see, opens prison doors, sets the captives free.  I’ve got a River of Life flowing out of me!

Spring Up O Well, within my soul!  Spring Up O Well and make me whole. Spring up O Well and give to me, that life abundantly!

Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ Who is truly our Living Water!