We are delighted to introduce our new Director, Linda Howard.  The Lord continues to amaze us and dazzle us with His Majesty.  Once again He has provided us with the perfect person to fill a need. Linda is a beautiful addition to our Lady Bugg House team and we are so excited for her to begin.

Linda’s Story:

I knew from an early age that I wanted to serve God.  He has opened many doors in my life time to serve Him in a variety of ways.   Those past experiences are now coming together as pieces of a puzzle to serve and touch the lives of His precious daughters and their children of the Lady Bugg House.

This is by far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.   To be a part of a seeing God work in the lives these incredible young women, help them develop a relationship with our Jesus Christ, and then to take that relationship and put that knowledge into their children….there is nothing that can compare.  We have yet to even see all that God is going to do, who He is going to touch, and the impact these mothers and children will have on our world.

Linda Howard