My first trip to Balan, Haiti was prior to “The Earthquake.”

The main goal as I left Haiti after that first visit was small and focused:  Drill a fresh water well in the village of Balan.

People in Balan walk a hour and fifteen minutes to get to a fresh water spring.  They usually send the women and children with 5 gallon buckets that they fill and return on the one and a half hour journey (most families take the trip two times per day).  Imagine that.  Six round trip hours of walking to and from water.

Recently, funds were raised to bring the spring water to the village via PVC pipe and a gravitational draw.  When this is working, it’s great.  Unfortunately, it is inconsistent at best.  Even when the water is flowing, it is downstream from the source.  At the source, people are using the spring to bathe, wash clothes, water animals, etc.  Basically, Balan gets the leftover water.

For the past year I have felt the Holy Spirit continue to prod me (convict) along in this process of getting a well drilled.  One would assume (from an American point of reference) that you could simply raise the funds, call the company, set the appointment and drill, right?  Unfortunately, it has not been quite so easy.

I have attempted to make contact with over 20 well drilling ministries, companies, individuals, etc. that claim to drill wells in Haiti.  Most never return calls or emails.  Some simply won’t come out the the village of Balan to survey the situation.  Several tell me that I am “wasting my time”, that Balan is in a dry region and that we “won’t hit water.”  The ones that tell me we will hit water say “it will probably be salt water.”

Question:  Can our God provide a fully functional, clean, fresh water well in the village of Balan, Haiti if we wants to?

We believe with full faith that HE CAN and HE WILL!

Here is the point:

The Lord has provided someone reputable to drill for us!  We are drilling 1-2 wells this coming week (Valentine’s Day 2011)!

The company we have lined up to drill comes by way of referral from our friends at Global Orphan Project (out of Kansas City) which is encouraging.

We have the funds raised to drill ONE WELL ($6,000).   I just spoke to the well company today (via email) and they said that they will drill two wells (since they have equipment already there) for $10,000 USD.  Basically, a 2nd well for an extra $4,000 USD.

If any of you are moved to action by providing water to the people of Balan, would you consider a pledge or donation to help cover this additional expense of $4,000 to add a 2nd well and double our odds of success?  (A good Valentine’s day gift for a loved one)

Also, most importantly, would you please pray for success in our well drilling efforts on Valentine’s Day?

You can contact Scott Pitman by email at: with question, comments, concerns, scripture or input.

If you would like to donate money via credit card to the water project, please click here for credit card payment options.

If you would like to mail a check.  Make it payable to Walking in the Reign at 6505 E. Central, #139, Wichita, KS 67206.  Please put “Water Well” in the memo line.  Also, please email me and tell me that “The check is in the mail” so I know the funds are coming and we can make a decision to drill a second well.

If you would like to pledge some money towards this project, but you need time to move some funds around, please mail me and tell me that “The check will be in the mail someday soon” so I know the funds are coming and we can make a decision to drill a second well.

PS:  100% of the money raised by Walking in the Reign for Haiti goes directly to the people of Balan, Haiti.  Not a single dollar goes to administration, travel expenses, etc.  Thank you for supporting the people of Balan!

Here is an example of what a Haitian Water Well would look like completed:

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