Meet Petrone.  She lives in the village of Balan and is 95 years old.  This is the second time we have visited her and she told us during this visit,

“When I was young I never had any visitors from a foreign land.  I believe God allowed me to live to be this old so that you could come visit me.”

Petrone had 11 children, of which only 4 are still living. She has “Over 50” grand children.  She said she prays for us everyday and thank you for coming to visit her.

We were struck during this visit to Balan by the value the people of Balan put on relationships.  We spent the bulk of our time just hanging out with the children.  During our time with them they told us that,

“We like when you come because you spend time hanging out with us.”

This is a picture of Petrone with her granddaughter Ewina (on the right) and two of her great-grandchildren who are also friends of ours.

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