For years I have been training my sales team to answer the question, “How are you doing today?”  with the simple answer of:


The great thing about the word unbelievable is that it works whether you are “unbelievable good” or “unbelievably bad.”  If you had the best day of your life, then you are “Unbelievable” and likewise if you had the worst day of your life you are similarly “Unbelievable.”  Try the word, it works great and gets some interesting comments!

This past Saturday, I learned a new phrase that blew me away.  During a sales meeting, one of our salespeople (I will call him salesperson #1) asked another…

“Are you still smoking?”

and salesperson #2 responded with a modern classic…

“Not ALL the time…”

Brilliant.  “Not all the time” works for so many areas of our life where we are struggling…

  • Are you still smoking?  “Not all the time”
  • Are you still drinking too much?  “Not all the time”
  • Are you working hard?  “Not all the time”
  • Are you cruel to animals?  “Not all the time”
  • Did you belch at the dinner table?  “Not all the time”

Basically, anytime you don’t want to take complete responsibility for your actions, you can simply respond…

“Not all the time.”

Of course, the other options is to take complete responsibility for our actions (or lack of action) and do something to improve our change our lives.  But, until then, simply respond “Not all the time.”

Thank you:  Tom Hopkins for “Unbelievable” and Chris Matthews for “Not all the time”

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