I am scared to know how many times I have missed out on something wonderful the Lord had planned for me because I walked in the flesh. 

Scott had been talking for months about the idea of adopting a village in a third world country.  I didn’t think much of it.  Then in December of 2009 he went to Balan, Haiti to pursue this opportunity with our son and my dad.  I still didn’t think much of it.  First of all, I was focused on my mission field in Wichita with YoungLives and the girls home and secondly, I did not have a heart or an interest in international missions.  In fact when I took my spiritual gifts test I worked hard to answer the questions correctly so that it wouldn’t show an interest in missions.

Well, my husband continued his interest in Balan and was working on a return trip.  He supports me so well and I wanted to support him in what he was doing so I told him that I wanted to join him on his next visit.  As the date of our departure neared I truly wanted to back out of going. 

As we drove through the city of Port-au-Prince on our way to the village of Balan there were crushed buildings everywhere and people were living in 6×6 plastic tents within inches of each other…but my heart wasn’t engaged. 

After about  a 45 minute drive though the city we turned onto a dirt road on our way to Balan.  This is where the Lord began to work in my heart and now my life will never be the same.

As we drove along this bumpy road we were passing a few huts and about 6 precious little children ran fervently to the fence to wave and shout “Bye, Bye” over and over again.  Ahead of us was what appeared to be a man and a lady on a motorcycle.  We watched as the motorcycle fell over because of the condition of the roads and all of the sudden we saw another woman, then a little girl and then a baby.  There were 5 people on this one motorcycle. It appeared as though one of the women was hurt so I asked the driver if we could offer them a ride.  The 2 women and 2 children piled in our van where we offered them water and a snack.  The one woman had cut her toe and her leg was bothering her.  When we got to where we dropped them off we got out the first aid kit and I took the woman a sterile wipe and a band-aid for her cut toe.  She put the wipe on her leg and when I handed her the band-aid she attempted to put it on top of the wipe!  She had no idea how to use a band-aid so I put one on her cut toe for her.  I wonder what she was thinking during all this!  My heart was beginning to warm up even more.

After getting stuck ourselves we finally made it to the Salvation Army Post school.  You could see no children but I asked if I could go into one of the classrooms.  As I walked around the corner my life changed forever.  About 20 students stood as they saw me and I threw my arms in the air and according to my story said, “Whoo”.  My son asked me that evening what was up with my entrance.  He demonstrated, with exaggeration of course, my entrance and said, “Did you think you were a pop-star?” 

Regardless, it was at that moment that my heart was fully engaged.  I have never felt like I belonged somewhere as much as I did during my time in Balan.  Ironically, the people of Balan did treat us like we were  pop-stars!

Thank you God for being patient and persistent with me.

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