Charlene is relentless.

If Charlene came to work at the dealership she would be awesome!  She smiles, then asks you questions in Creole that you don’t understand, smiles some more and then politely tugs your shirt sleeve and says:

“Give Me a Dollar…”

I’m still not sure if she is asking:  “Give me a dollar?” or telling:  “Give me a dollar!”

Regardless of whether Charlene is asking or telling, I can tell you from the front lines of Balan, Haiti that she needs it (any you are never offended by her asking; even after multiple attempts).

So, here’s an idea:  Gather your loose change that annoys most American’s and turn it into “Cash for Haiti.”

Today, I rounded up my loose change from home and added it to my loose change from work…

Any guesses how much was there? (Let the record show that most people guessed between $40-$50).

Your Guess? __________________

My Guess was $105 (way higher than anyone else’s, but I like to think BIG)

Bank Deposit for Balan:  $106.74 (Money that I will never even miss).

$106.74 will buy 100 pounds of food (50 lbs. Rice, 50 lbs. Bean and 5 gallons of Cooking Oil) to feed the 235 kids in the school in Balan for 1-2 Days…

$106.74 will sponsor a child (tuition, books, uniform material, food 5 days a week) for 11 months…

Hey Mister, Can you Spare some Change?

by Scott Pitman

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