Our office is open and the phone has been ringing reminding us daily that there is an urgency to get this ministry running. The stories are unique but the need is the same…Love and Support.

Thank you to WAY-FM, Clear Channel, the Wichita Eagle, KSN, KAKE and KWCH for all the wonderful publicity you have given the Lady Bugg House this past month.

I need you to meet Tina.  Tina grew up in a single family home because her dad has been in prison since she was born.  Her mother uses drugs and alcohol to hide her pain because her upbringing didn’t look much different than Tina’s.  Her mom is more interested in men than she is in her own children because she is searching for the same thing Tina is…LOVE.  Tina and her mother have to move frequently because they get evicted because mom can’t pay the bills.  Tina’s mom moves in with her latest fling but he doesn’t want the responsibility of a child so Tina is left to fin for herself at the age of 15.  She bounces around staying with friends and ends up dropping out of school.  There is no one in her life to even recognize that Tina is HOMELESS.  Tina meets a young man and because she desperately wants to be loved Tina ends up pregnant.  Tina who can’t even provide for herself is now going to have a child who is dependent upon her.  Tina needs the Lady Bugg House.

The Lady Bugg House is a support system for teen mothers.   We come alongside young women just like Tina and we help them break the cycle of brokenness.  We provide them with the resources they need to have the life they deserve for themselves and their children.  We give them HOPE and help them to DREAM again.

We cannot do this without your support.

The Lady Bugg House has received a $20,000 grant but we don’t get even a dollar of the money until we raise $20,000 in matching donations.

We are raising $20,000 by February 17th which will matched by our grant giving the ministry $40,000 to open it’s doors to begin serving girls just like Tina.

They are waiting…but we are asking you not to wait in responding to this need.  Your donation of any amount will change the life of not only a young woman but her child as well.

Make a donation today online on our website through PAYPAL or by check made payable to Lady Bugg House, Inc. and mail your donation to us at 6505 E. Central, #138, Wichita, KS 67206.  Put Grant Match in the memo.

They are worth it!