if the old house
was not still standing there
my family would not
have a chance to save
lots of girls lives
without a place to stay

teenagers with babies
homeless or not
if they need some help
my family will mean a lot.
these girls need help
guiding their lives
my family paid attention
and they will be alright.

my mom being a teen mom
drew us near
we heard their cry
and now we are here
helping them through
maybe their parents ran away
from all this trouble
because they were scared and not brave
they need our help
that’s all they can say.

this house is named
after my great grandma bugg
who died of old age
she loved her so dear
so she named the house lady bugg
and even though she is dead
she can see it from above

Poem by Kayley Pitman, 6th grade Age 11