“All of your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace.” – Isaiah 54:13

Meet my new friend Drew. I knew after spending a few minutes with Drew that he was someone you all should meet.  Please pray for Drew, follow his work and friend him on Facebook.  Here is his journey:

My name is Drew Gallant, and I am writing you as a 26-year-old missionary with a calling to Chile, South America. To inform you of the great need in Chile, and the plans the Lord has allowed me to take part in, to reach it with God’s Love and Mercy. To reach Chile at a pivotal point in it’s history with the gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

I was 18 years old when The Lord first spoke to me in a Church Service in Mission, Texas, about being a missionary to Chile. It has been a strong calling on my life for many years.
In his grace, God allowed me the opportunity to spend 13 months, serving him in Chile, in 2009 and 2010, before returning home to begin to plan and work towards a long term move to Chile to do God’s work there.

I experienced many amazing and tragic things while I was there. I held fatherless Children, and comforted teenage mothers, I stood amongst rubble with Tsunami victims who lost their homes, and wept with the homeless. I hugged Men broken by life and sin, and spoke life over them. I spoke about Christ and Love, to entire buildings full of Chilean people hungry for truth. I learned to dance better, and to be content in all circumstances, and I looked into the eyes of the very people God called me to so many years ago, and I was forever changed.

On a bus ride down from The Andes Mountains approaching The Santiago Skyline, The Lord softly spoke over me, “This is home.” In 13 months of learning Spanish and learning more about The Lord while in Chile, the Lord concreted the call that he placed in me for this distant land, so many years ago. And he began to show me long-term vision for work to be done in Chile.

Chile is a country, in a time of great transition, one of the only countries in Latin America to be transforming from a third-world to first-world country, the coming generations, are choosing between the moral life so many of their ancestors chose, and the life the world offers them in a rebel spirit that rivals even that of the 1960s here in the United States. The generations of teenagers and children in Chile today… will decide the future of this nation.
It would be an understatement to call teenage pregnancy a crisis in Chile. It is a plague. Before spending time in Chile, I often read reports about teenage pregnancy, and fatherlessness in Chile. Only a week after arriving I met, a friend’s cousin who was 15 years old with a newborn son. Time and time again, I met young teenage mothers, and held their children. I heard the stories of abusive fathers and boyfriends. I wept often for these people, who were no longer, a percentage I read about online, but now a name and a face.

The Lord has given me a long-term vision, to work with Children and Mothers in Santiago, Chile. To start a children’s ministry center, a church, and a home for teenage mothers. These things can be read about on my website.

Currently, The Lord is calling me to place my residence in Chile, as he begins to open doors to his plans for me there. I will be working with friends and pastors I have made connections with in ministry, as I begin to allow the Lord to lead me in his plans he has for me.

For this reason, I am writing you as a brother in Christ, to ask for your prayers as I pursue the things God has called me to do in Chile and to make you aware of the great needs that this nation has. I plan to move to Chile in the early fall of 2011, for a total of four years, before returning back to the United States again.

I currently have a great need for monthly financial support, to live and work in Chile. An amazing church in Wichita called Maranatha Worship Center has supported me and continues supporting me as a missionary from their congregation. However, my need is beyond what they are available to provide me.

I am asking that you could pray, about connecting with me as a missionary, in monthly support of whatever you feel that you have the means to give. I watch the Lord allow me to be connected with amazing churches and people who support me financially, and am overwhelmed by God’s blessings and the generosity of the saints.


If you are interested in partnering financially, I may be contacted via:
To make those partnerships possible. All donations are tax deductible.

Email: DrewInChile@yahoo.com
Phone: 316-519-0120
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dgallant
Website: www.DrewInChile.virb.com

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